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ARES RECORDING is a division of Enye Advertising providing professional music recording. Recording engineer, Ricardo Sasaki, has over 20 years of recording experience producing various film scores and recordings for several different genres. He has produced over 100 albums, as an artist he has achieved 3 golden records and 1 platinum with the most important Bolivian rock band "Octavia." He received his education at the San Francisco College for Recording Arts. He is one of the partners for Pro Audio SRL in Bolivia and is currently an adjunct professor at ACM-UCO teaching recording studio and live sound fundamentals. Ricardo Sasaki is certified in Pro-tools.

Book A Session:
Book a session in 1 hour time blocks. We record all genres.
Studio and commercial recordings. Studio musicians are available upon request. 

Project Pricing:
Project pricing is available. We can do single or full album recordings and include mixing & mastering. Copyright registration and duplication services are also available. (We do not create beats.)

Media Kits:
We can help you develop your media kit. Media kits can include:
Demo Recording, Bio, Duplications, Photo Shoot, Music Video, Developing a Rider and Tech Pac. (English or/and Spanish)
To book a session or get a free consultation contact:

Ricardo Sasaki
405-209-8526 (call/text)


KIRRA - Downfall
#25 on the Billboard Charts

Music Videos:

Best Music Video Hard Rock - "Fly" by Kirra
Akaaemia - January 2015

Best Music Video "Nunca" by Valentina
Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival - December 2014