We helped Buy for Less go from 1 hispanic to store to 6 hispanic stores.
we helped take a dead mall from ghost town to vibrant community.
we taught hispanic families to expect more for their children's futures.
we are the secret sauce behind many large agencies.
put this drive for results to work for you.






Who we are:
Enye Advertising is a full service Hispanic marketing and advertising firm, established to fulfill a need for crossover marketing and messaging and create ties between our clients and the community through developing strategies.
We have been helping businesses of all sizes to establish, maintain, and become industry leaders within the Hispanic market since 2006.
Enye Advertising develops campaigns using a variety of marketing tactics to obtain the highest saturation of the market within your budget.

What we do:
Enye Advertising develops strategic plans, working in conjunction with our clients to ensure we move towards a common goal.
We help them develop or adapt their brand to appeal to the Hispanic market and create uniformity of all images and messaging internally and externally.
An integrated marketing campaign will be developed using a variety of marketing tools such as production and media placement of tv, radio, print, and Internet ads; social networking; and public relations.
Enye Advertising negotiates, places, and manages messages on all media channels (tv, radio, print, Internet/social media) including English and Spanish networks.



an independent music label and production company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We produce some of the largest concerts in Oklahoma for various markets including rock, country, hip-hop, jazz, metal, indie, pop, Regional Mexican and Latin. Some of the venues in which we work include the Zoo Amphitheater, Lucky Star Casino, First Council Casino, OKC Downtown Airpark, and with such events as OKC Fest, OKC Cinco de Mayo Festival, Anita Martinez Mariachi Festival, and Norman Music Festival. Enye Advertising and Enye Music work together to provide a turn-key solution to event booking, production, and marketing.





Enye Advertising
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